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We are able to offer several maintenance and cleaning services that include painting, garage washing, carpet washing, seasonal work, etc.

In fact, these services distinguish us from our competitors and allow you to rely on a company who will help you, no matter what your building management needs are. 

Whether it’s a building, apartment block, commercial or residential building, condominium or condominium corporation, we have the solution for you.

Some Maintenance of common areas of the building services
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Commercial cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning of your premises provide a reassuring image to your customers and bring comfort to your staff.

Thanks to our qualified team, we are able to guarantee that the maintenance work to be done in the premises is always in an excellent state of cleanliness and hygiene.

Whether it is an office, commercial clinic, dental clinic, daycare, commercial premises, industrial or a laboratory we have the solution for you.

Some commercial cleaning services
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Thanks to our qualified team, we are able to guarantee that the cleaning work to be done after construction is finished.

Our team uses professional and safe equipment. Each employee at Nicoval is trained according to the standards and values of our company. Our products are highly effective, specially formulated to obtain such a result that meets your needs and that brings your satisfaction.

Some post-construction cleaning services
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